Geography is the study of places and the relationships between people and their environments, understanding the physical and human features on Earth from a spatial perspective.


Not only does our school try to stimulate students’ interests and curiosity about the surroundings, but also encourages them to engage in inquiry-based learning so as to equip our students with the generic skills and attitudes towards life-long learning, such as the higher-order thinking and problem-solving skills.

Geographical enquiry and field trips

Our geography room has been equipped with an interactive smart whiteboard and the parallel teaching system so that multi-media teaching materials can be used in our lessons. It helps to promote teacher-to-students and students-to-students interactions during lessons. All these help promote self-regulated learning among students. 


Moreover, through geography field trips, students are engaged in geographical enquiry in real life. Students apply a range of enquiry skills acquired in class to their projects. They try to identify a geographical question, collect and record appropriate data, analyse and interpret data, evaluate and draw conclusions. In fact, their geographical skills, like map reading and interpretation skills, are also fostered in the process. For example, students use Google Earth to design virtual field trips in different parts of Hong Kong or even the world. Since the abstract concepts are visualized, students are able to understand the development of Hong Kong city, the internal structures and changes, and explore the urban problems brought by the changes.

Diversified Learning Activities

Diversified learning activities are found in class to enrich students’ learning experiences and broaden their horizons. Eco field trips to Ting Kok, Tai Po, for example, were arranged to provide students with opportunities to discover the natural beauty of Hong Kong. Furthermore, it is hoped that students’ curiosity about the environment and creativity can also be aroused so that their ecological and environmental awareness can be raised.

Project Learning – Biodiversity Survey

By using the i-naturalist App, students conducted a biodiversity survey in the community. They can have a deeper understanding of the spatial distribution of species and a higher level of awareness of the urban ecology protection.

Cultural Interflow

An ecological and cultural interflow to Malaysia was co-organized by the Department of Geography and Tourism and Hospitality Studies in 2020. It allowed students to explore the tropical rainforests by walking through the forest floor. It was an unforgettable experience and all students were all amazed by the natural beauty.

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