Mathematics is a powerful means in a technology-oriented and information-rich society to help students acquire the ability to communicate, explore, conjecture, reason logically and solve problems using a variety of methods. Mathematics provides a means to acquire, organize and apply information, and plays an important role in communicating ideas through pictorial, graphical, symbolic, descriptive and analytical representations. Hence, mathematics helps to lay a strong foundation for students’ lifelong learning and provides a platform for the acquisition of new knowledge in this rapidly changing world.

Many of the developments, plans and decisions made in modern society rely, to some extent, on the use of measures, structures, patterns, shapes and the analysis of quantitative information. Therefore, mathematical experiences enable students to become mathematically literate citizens who are more able to cope with the demands of the workplace. Mathematics is an intellectual endeavor through which students can develop their imagination, initiative, creativity and flexibility of mind, as well as their ability to appreciate the beauty of nature. Mathematics is a discipline which plays a central role in human culture.

Junior Form (S1 – S3) Curriculum

Aims and Objectives :

To develop students’:

  • the ability to think critically and creatively, to conceptualize, inquire and reason mathematically, and to use mathematics to formulate and solve problems in daily life as well as in mathematical contexts and other disciplines.
  • the ability to communicate with others and express their views clearly and logically in mathematical language.
  • the ability to manipulate numbers, symbols and other mathematical objects.
  • number sense, symbol sense, spatial sense, measurement sense and the capacity to appreciate structures and patterns.
  • a positive attitude towards the learning of mathematics and an appreciation of the aesthetic nature and cultural aspects of mathematics.
Senior Form (S4 – S6) Curriculum

Aims and Objectives :

  • further develop students’ mathematical knowledge, skills and concepts.
  • provide students with mathematical tools for their personal development and future career pathways.
  • provide a foundation for students who may further their studies in mathematics or related areas.
  • develop in students the generic skills, and in particular, the capability to use mathematics to solve problems, reason and communicate.
  • develop in students’ interest in and positive attitudes towards the learning of mathematics.
  • develop students’ competence and confidence in dealing with mathematics needed in life; and
  • help students to fulfil their potential in mathematics.
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