Visual Arts

The visual arts subjects of our school cover from form one to form six. The junior high school curriculum focuses on cultivating interest, giving full play to students' creativity and consolidating basic knowledge.  High school students focus on personal artistic development to cope with public examinations.

Position of Visual Arts in the School Curriculum

Visual Arts is an integral part of the school curriculum. It has been set out by the Education Commission that the aims of education for the 21st century are “to enable every person to attain all-round development in the domains of ethics, intellect, physique, social skills and aesthetics according to his/her own attributes so that he/she is capable of life-long learning, critical and exploratory thinking, innovating and adapting to change….” For the direction for schools in curriculum development, one of the seven learning goals of primary and secondary education is to enable students to lead a healthy lifestyle with active participation in aesthetic and physical activities, and appreciate sports and the arts. Therefore, schools need to develop a balanced curriculum which includes arts education in order to provide an all-round education for their students.

Curriculum Aims of Visual Arts

Visual Arts helps students:

  • Develop creativity, critical thinking and communication skills, and nurture aesthetic sensitivity and cultural awareness;
  • Develop arts skills, construct knowledge, and cultivate positive values and attitudes;
  • Gain delight, enjoyment and satisfaction through participating in arts activities; and
  • Pursue a lifelong interest in the arts.
The Curriculum Framework of Visual Arts

The curriculum framework of Visual Arts provides schools with flexibility to plan and implement their school Arts Education curriculum. It sets out what schools should follow in order to help students:

  • Achieve the four Learning Targets, i.e. Developing Creativity and Imagination, developing Skills and Processes, Cultivating Critical Responses and Understanding Arts in Context;
  • Develop creativity, critical thinking and communication skills, and other generic skills; and
  • Nurture positive values and attitudes.
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