We use the eClass online learning management system (LMS) as a communication platform between teachers and students, and allows different subjects to formulate their electronic teaching plans and establish related electronic classrooms. In recent years, we have continuously optimized our ITE facilities, and equipped tablets as learning tools, with different types of electronic platforms, mobile applications and a wireless network covering the entire school for e-learning and mobile learning. Schools and subject groups have introduced multiple e-learning programs to promote learning efficiency.


Use appropriate information technology in teaching and learning activities to enhance students' "learning motivation" and "learning effectiveness".

Development Strategy
  1. Right technology at the right time for the right task to enhance learning and teaching effectiveness.

  2. Enhance students' interest in learning and make students like learning.

  3. Let students get immediate feedback (Teaching strategies: Low starting point, Small steps, Multiple activities, Fast feedback)

  4. Record the learning data of students and take care of the learning differences of individual students.

  5. Develop students' self-learning skills for independent learning.

Teaching strategy
  • Apply TPACK theoretical framework as the main framework.

    1. TK: Use appropriate devices to activate different teaching activities with various  LMS and Apps. In terms of LMS application, we choose PowerLesson (eClass), Google Classroom, Teams, Nearpod etc. according to the subject characteristics and teaching needs.
    2. CK: the theoretical part of each subject.
    3. PK: with F.O.C.U.S. / P.L.K.S. or other teaching strategies to activate the teaching process.
         i.  F.O.C.U.S.Teaching Strategy:
                F - FRAMEWORK
                O - OBJECTIVE
                C - CONTENT
                U - USAGE
                S - SUMMARY
         ii. P.L.K.S.Teaching Strategy:
                P - Planning
                L - Learning Outcomes Expected
                K - Knowledge Content & Assessment
                S - Summary
Ways to enhance e-learning in our school
  • Provide iPad for classroom use.
  • Encourage teachers to participate in professional training courses on e-learning.
  • Use LMS to build electronic classrooms.
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