Professional Development

1. Background

In view of education reforms, curriculum changes and school major concerns, our team is always committed to organizing professional development programs, such as lectures, workshops, school visits, outings etc. They aim to enhance teachers’ work efficiency, facilitate students’ learning and promote the whole-school development.

2. Professional Development Plans

We are committed to equipping teachers with the latest education and school development needs. Therefore, various kinds of activities will be devised to keep our staff abreast of the knowledge and skills in curriculum changes. In order to achieve this aim, we provide the following platforms.

a) New Teacher Induction

New teachers are invited to attend an induction course, in which mentors will share their successful experience in teaching and classroom management. This kind of school-based course aims to give new teachers more support and guidance, and thus, they feel more confident when they start teaching.

b) Staff Development Day

Our teachers, teachers of other schools and education experts will be invited to share their teaching strategies and provide professional training seminars. School visits will be arranged to promote a learning culture among teachers.

c) Middle Manager Training Workshop

It provides a more focused training for the managerial needs of the middle managers in order to assist them to develop their strengths and potential.

d) Open Classroom Programme and Sharing of Good Practices

With the aim of cultivating the collaborative culture within each subject and across subjects, teachers are encouraged to open their classrooms. Sharing of good practices will be conducted regularly.

e) One-stop Platform for Professional Development

It is an online platform to inform teachers of the latest education trends and external resources related to professional development training. It can benefit the efficiency of teachers and the school alike.

3. Summary

Our goal is to assist teachers to understand their needs of professional development and promote personal growth. When devising the staff development plans, we will make reference to the Professional Ladder as well as ‘T-standard’. We believe that student learning and teaching and school effectiveness will remain as our focus in the years ahead. It is hoped that we can provide quality education while enhancing a learning community.

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