The Mindfulness School Culture Project

According to a range of studies, mindfulness is one of the effective ways to enhance one’s physical, mental as well as spiritual health, with the aim of leading everyone to a rich and fruitful life.

Being one of the nine seed schools in the Jockey Club “Peace and Awareness” Mindfulness Culture in Schools Initiative, we have received an approved funding of HK$1.43 million from the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust to promote mindfulness culture at our school and enhance the level of attentiveness and resilience of our students. The project is launched by the Faculty of Social Science of the University of Hong Kong, targeting at students, teachers, parents and the general public.

Our school attempts to create mindfulness school lives for our students, so they will be benefited after taking part in a wide variety of mindfulness activities.

Regarding the facilities, our school has built a mindfulness garden and a mindfulness room (under preparation). There is a mindfulness trail in the garden, which enables our students to enjoy nature. Therefore, the health of our students can be catered.

We believe that mindfulness can nourish our hearts and souls continuously. In a school filled with mindfulness culture, it is hoped that our students can grow more holistically and our teachers can gain more positive energy to influence them.

Nagomi Pastel Art
Lo Kwee Seong Tea Culture Learning Center Tea Art Course
Herbs Mindfulness Journey
Introduction to mindfulness
.b course
Mindfulness Sports
Community promotion
Mindfulness activities for Parents
Mindfulness activities for Teachers
Mindfulness Training and Interflow for Teachers
Mindfulness Garden


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