Cross-boundary Tour

With a view to broadening the horizons of students, our school organizes a wide variety of cultural interflow activities with different themes and aims. Through the activities, the student participants are able to learn how to respect and experience local customs and observe city development through field trips and personal visits to designated destinations around the globe. 


In recent years, the places of visit included the following cities and countries.


They were the United States of America, Demark, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Taipei, Ningxia, Fujian, Xiamen, Shenyang and others. In 2017 and 2018, all F.5 students took part in the Beijing Cultural Interflow Programme to enable them to have a chance to pay a visit to the capital of China. The major aim of the programme was to widen their scope of knowledge about the world-famous capital city in the mainland.


Besides, our school has established an affiliated relationship with the sister school in Shanghai, namely Shanghai Yao Ling Sun Middle School. Annual visits to both schools are organized for achieving the aim of exchanging views and ideas of English teaching. Moreover, there is an inter-school writing competition held annually so as to let students of both schools appreciate and learn from one another.


There is one saying that travelling brings about far greater benefits than mere book learning. It is always our guiding principle of providing students with an opportunity to learn different cultures around the world. Before each scheduled journey to the designated city or country, all student participants must attend the project learning meetings three or four times. The major purpose is to equip student participants with the essentiality of learning overseas during each excursion. In addition, the student participants are required to share their invaluable travelling experiences with their schoolmates through board displays and group presentations conducted in the school hall. More interestingly, they will organize an interactive quiz competition about their trip through broadcasting on the school campus. With the implementation of such travelling plan annually, the school’s vision of giving an eye-opening experience to students of different socio-economic backgrounds is realized.

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