Secondary One Growing-up Scheme

Stepping into the next learning stage of having a secondary school life is always one of the most astonishing and stunning life experiences to S1 newcomers and their parents. All of the teachers are eager to embark on an amazing journey to learn how to enjoy every tiny droplet in a new learning environment to the fullest with every new S1 student learner. Through participating in the 14-month Secondary One Growing-up Scheme and discipline and learning skills training programme, it is hoped that all S1 participants are able to adapt to a new secondary school life and lifestyle earlier than usual under intensive guidance of teachers. It can, in turn, facilitate the building up of a closer teacher-student relationship to help S1 students achieve a higher standard of behavioral and academic performance at school.





Phase One

After Enrollment

The school organizes a bridging course for Secondary One students, which includes class activities and classes in major subjects. It is hoped that students will get to know the class teacher and classmates as early as possible.

Students understand the subject requirements, smoothly transit to secondary school life.

Phase Two

Lunch Time

Various activities are arranged during lunch time, such as chess activities, movie appreciation, ball games, library activities, inter-class quizzes, etc.

Students have the opportunity to participate in different activities, not only to relax, but also to cultivate interest and develop personal potential

Phase Three

During School year

In order to build cohesion in the class, the school organizes inter-class competitions and marching activities every year. 

Provide opportunities for every student to experience practice, competition and other links with classmates to enhance team spirit.

Phase Four

After School, during examination period and long holidays

The school will provide homework remedial classes to some students to support their academic needs.

Students can learn happily and more confidently.

Phase Five

Summer Holiday before S2

The school launches a summer activity plan to encourage students to participate in activities in or outside the school.

Students can participate in different interest classes in the summer to enjoy a fulfilling and prosperous holiday.

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