Gifted Education

"It is our belief that all our students are unique and talented. With appropriate and adequate guidance and training, all of them can have breakthroughs. Potentials can be developed to the fullest. "

Gifted Education Programme in Yao Ling Sun College is always an essential part of our curriculum and a whole-school approach is adopted. Teachers from different departments and committees offer substantial guidance and experiences with in and beyond the classroom, to nurture citizenship as well as global vision, in order to equip the talented students to be the leaders of future.

Gifted Education Activities
  • 提升英語水平的「動態全方位英語學習活動」例如:午間英語對談、Reading with Principal Leong、Curriculum Plus Prequel
  • 裝備個人迎接挑戰,增強自省能力的「靜觀自我關懷小組」
  • 知己知彼,參加校外比賽及訓練
  • 領袖訓練及團隊溝通 – 訓練營
  • 學校夥伴合作計劃,建立緊密的升學就業支援網絡 – 嶺南大學、香港海關
  • 探索升學及就業發展機會,建構生涯規劃 – 「認識護理與相關專業暨工作體驗計劃」
  • 引導學生建立良好讀書習慣,並拓展人脈網絡,從他人的奮鬥之路得到啟發 – 「有你同行」師友計劃
  • 推薦精英學生參與校外培訓或獎學金,獲得更豐富的學習資源
  • 其他訓練,例如:各科的學業精進班、演講及匯報技巧、組織活動技巧
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